Our Love

To endure agony of loss

I must be on my knees–pray God for trust

Trials and tribulation–like a furnace,

Burn my heart and soul

I ache to be embraced by my Love

Remembering His smile, His kiss

Is the way,  I must continue


I left to be alone

To keep safe my Heart and Hope,

Strengthening my resolve and Love,

Waiting to see Him again

We joined in matrimony, by our Lord God

I Will promise to Love, Cherish, and Obey

Always with respect

Never to shout

Never to fight

Never to lie

Remaining together, Loving–for All Eternity



Deliverance is Mine

Thank You, Lord, for revealing my heart
Past hurt and pain unaware
Led my soul to wrench
God did not lie
God did not transgress
God did not forsake
My spirit opened
Deliverance is mine
His love
His desire
His plan
I belong to Jesus for eternity
This love supercedes all
The true passion of my soul

Help Me, Guide Me

Tears roll down my cheek

Seeking God’s Glory

My soul prays in His House

Desiring the indwelling

Of the Holy Spirit

Most believe merit will suffice

No, not quite

Money, material

A foolish man’s delight

Relationship and trust

Is a must

To fulfill the Lord’s will

For my life

And reside with Him

In glorious Paradise

Straight Up

I walk in a room

Head high, back straight

I hear someone say,

“Who does she think she is?”

My lips curl into a proud smile

No degradation holds this woman down


I maneuver the room,

Conversing with Mr. PhD and Mrs. MD

I know who I am

I, too, belong here

Patience and perseverance paved the way

The Spirit says, “Well done my faithful friend.”

Unto Him Who is Able This New Year

Clinkety, clinkety!! Clank, clank, clank!!

The sound of pots and pans rejoice in the night air.

Purple, blue, green, and red–

colorful, boisterous fireworks burst and awaken a dark, dormant sky,

welcoming in a new year.

With celebration, let us remember former promises–

those old resolutions bring to the forefront.

Commitments renew.

New works we must also do:

Increasing the Kingdom of God–

offering a helping hand to a daughter, son, sister, or brother in need

Do unto them as we would do unto Him.

For I was hungred, and ye gave me meat:  I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink:  I was a stranger, and ye took me in:  Naked, and ye clothed me:  I was sick, and ye visited me:  I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

For such Love covers a multitude of sins,

perhaps even prickling a broken and contrite heart–

an offering to He Who saves,

regardless of past transgressions and oppression.

May the work of the Lord be a priority in our lives,

answering this beckoning opportunity.


God with Us

A bright, guiding star signified His birth

Perfection came into an imperfect world

A hay-filled manger where He laid His head–

Humility defined

Yet, wise men bearing gifts

Bow down before Him

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

King of kings; Lord of lords

Born to die

For the redemption of sins

No greater Love has no man

Hallelujah, the highest praise to Immanuel


Day of Thanks

Thank You for my health

Thank You for the breath I breathe

Thank You for my family in Christ and close friends

Thank You for shelter, a roof over my head

Thank You for clothes on my back

Thank You for food to consume

Thank You for the abundant life I live

Thank You for coming into the world

Thank You for Your sacrifice, the blood You’ve shed

Thank You for Your resurrection early one morn’

Thank You for the grace of salvation You bestowed upon me

Thank You for never leaving nor forsaking

Thank You for walking and talking beside me

Thank You, Jesus Christ, for being Lord in my life

Lord, Deliver Me

Lord, I do fear the unknown–the journey I must travel.

The easier route–tempting indeed.

Abraham went trusting you,

not knowing where he was to go.

He was blessed many times over.

Let me be like my forefather.

Increase my faith and

deliver your daughter from temptation,

so that I may see the day Your glory reigns.