Found in the Waiting

God is Love

He provides; He delivers

With prayer and supplication,

He answers

But you have to listen

To that little voice within

Be patient; be still

And know that He is God

Understand, the answer may be

In the waiting


This Faith

Oh what a mustard seed can do

It can move mountains

It can push fear aside

And encourage you

Oh what a mustard seed can do

You gave me courage to stand

In the midst of my fear

While my world was rolling away

But, this Faith wouldn’t let me sway

All beholding to You

Oh what a mustard seed can do

It can move mountains

It can push fear aside

And encourage you

Oh what a mustard seed can do

You gave me a Love

That can withstand all

Yet so patient, but enduring all

I don’t know the end of it all

But this Faith, I know will rejoice

In the end, it was worth it all

Oh what a mustard seed can do

It can move mountains

It can push fear aside

And encourage you

Oh what a mustard seed can do


A smile can overcome many things.

Smile when your heart aches.

Smile when all has gone astray.

Smile when a frown confronts you.

Smile when there is indifference in lieu of compassion.

Smile when life is filled with strife.

Smile when fortune turns its head.

Smile when a little happiness sneaks in.

A smile eventually shines from within.

Sometimes I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder what will come to pass,

when I share my words with all who encounter.

Will I touch someone’s spirit?  Will I heal a broken heart?

If I can reach the innermost man,

then I am filled with joy and contentment.

No need for acknowledgement; no need for adulation

Just live life with jubilation.

Uplifting Family

I dedicate this article to the women of Barrington Christian Fellowship.

I moved to Barrington Mews in 2007.  It is a residence for senior citizens and disabled individuals.  I am disabled, because of mental illness.  The first two years at the Mews were quite lonely.  I did not know anyone; I kept to myself.  Holidays and birthdays passed me by without celebration.  The seclusion of my apartment caused many nights of tears.  However, as time passed, I began to open up, greeting the strangers who were my neighbors.  I made new friends with some of them.  It was a nice feeling, coming out of my shell of depression and loneliness.

Seven years later, I am still at the Mews.  This past year, I have been going through some struggles and changes.  It was necessary to let go of some friends, those who were not true friends.  So, I find myself back to where I began, secluded in my apartment.  One day, I went to a function in my building’s community room.  The Barrington Christian Fellowship was entertaining some of the residence with a Thanksgiving meal.  The pastor who facilitates the fellowship sat down to talk with me.  He told me about the fellowship.  He asked me if I were a believer.  I professed that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior.  The pastor and I had an intriguing discussion about what it meant to be a Christian, how one should live.  He gave an example from his own life. He would go out into the community, showing love and helping others.  Pastor invited me to attend the Bible study that the fellowship gave, in the community room of the building.  Incredibly, the pastor’s words were encouraging to me.

One Sunday evening, I went down to the community room to attend the Bible study.  Pastor was there with about seven other women.  Little did I know, these women would change my life.  The message for that evening was what I needed to hear.  I had been praying for direction.  Pastor taught on knowing that perfect will of God.  Personalizing it, what would God have me to do with my life to bring glory to His name.  After the Bible study, the women had a fellowship.  We enjoyed a delicious apple cake with coffee or juice.  I felt comfortable enough to reveal the struggles I recently had been experiencing, problems with relationships and friendships.  The women exuberantly announced that they had been in the same situation.  They encouraged me with their words of wisdom.  Older than me, they all were mothers in the Church.

I began to attend Bible study on a regular basis.  As always, after each study, the women had fellowship.  On every occasion, their pearls of wisdom brought a newly found zeal in my life.  One particular member of the fellowship became my spiritual mother.  My own mother passed away in 1996.  Marion became my confidant.  She explained that the only way that she could talk to me on certain topics was because she had gone through the same experiences.  She knew that God brought us together for a purpose. Marion is always available to talk, to share my poetry with.  She listens fervently with excitement in her voice.  She shows much patience, like a true mother who I have been missing.

Now, I am writing my poetry again, pursuing the destiny God has for me.  I write to encourage and inspire others like the women of Barrington Christian Fellowship have done for me.  I am on my way to completing my third book of inspirational poetry.  I have applied to graduate school to continue my education.  With great adulation, I am in the interview process of acquiring a teaching position at a university.  The women, including Marion, have enabled me to follow my dreams.  They have lifted me up.  I give back to others out of gratitude and because it is what God would have me to do.  We are family; it is our responsibility to keep one another, to uplift one another.

The Start of Each Day

I rise to the shining rays of the morning sun.

I say, “Thank You Lord, for giving me another day.”

I bathe, brush, and array my clothing.

I reiterate, “Thank You Lord, for the functioning of my limbs.”

I prepare some grits, eggs, and ham.

I pray, “Thank You Lord, for providing this meal, for my zeal.”

I open His Word to eat of my daily bread.

I seek, “Lord, illuminate my mind.”

I recompense a praise, seeking deliverance.

I supplicate, “Lord, send Your blessings down.”

I implore, “Lord, protect me as I journey through the wilderness of this world.”

I walk through the door, filled with His presence.

I ask, “Lord, why do You take care of me so well?”

He proclaims, “You are My child; you acknowledge Me in all your ways.”


A friend is honest when no one else will be.

A friend is supportive, does not ridicule the minuscule.

A friend forgives transgressions, with enduring love.

A friend exalts, never degrades.

A friend shares, not sparingly or grudgingly.

A friend can be closer than a brother.

A friend remains when lovers and others forsake.

A friend brings laughter when the tears flood in.

A friend loves as he loves himself.

Friendship exceeds expectancy.

I Thank You

Oh Happy day!  I know I’m not alone,

as I travel through this world

on a journey to my final home.

In the meantime, destiny does play a role.

Each day is a step toward I do not know, how I will go.

But, I exalt the loving kindness of Him

Who gives me the ability to write these

words for all to consume, as I am used

to inspire all of you.

So, I thank Him and he who reads for

giving me the opportunity to seek

this responsibility given to me.

Never Give Up

Those tears you cry when you realize

that life has passed by and your dreams

seem to cease to exist,

look within to find strength

to reach new objectives or of years ago.

Take one step forward to form a plan,

reaching out for a helping-hand.

No shame in understanding the need

for uplifting from fellow-man

The next step comes easily

while striving for clarity–

clears the way to that day.

Moon and sun take turns;

And seasons follow the former.

Now, you happily reminisce

on past struggles, fears, and hindrance

that brought you through to this morning of deliverance.


Love is long suffering

It is kind

Love is humble

It acts accordingly

Love is not selfish

It is not easily provoked

Love thinks not of evil

It is not happy with wrong-doing

but glad in the truth

Bears all things

Believes all things

Endures all things

Love never fails

I Corinthians 13:4-8