Faith Worketh Patience

I am here waiting

Waiting for a change

Change seems to be slow

Slow appears to be the answer no

No to my desires, no to my dreams

Dreams sustain my hopes for tomorrow

Tomorrow feels like forever

Forever I must wait for

For patience works perfection

Perfection is what He wants for me

Me–to be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled

Fulfilled with His will, His plans

Plans for good and not for evil

Evil has no control, no place to root

Root out all ambivalence

Ambivalence hinders Faith

Faith functions through works

Works I will do to prove my Faith



I see the Son’s shining glory

after the darkest night

when my tears and fears

overwhelm my heavy heart

I hear Him call my name

His voice is the spring breeze

flowing through the trees’ green leaves

then caressing my cheek with a Holy kiss

This Love is the breath that fills

my nostrils and each lung

rejuvenating sustenance to a malady-heart

now singing to a melody only known to me

He, with His all-seeing eyes

and all-knowing wisdom, favors me

Now, my tears are a cup of joy over-flowing

pushing all sadness aside

My Prayer

I pray that he who reads my words

be healed from all infirmity and

confusion of spirit and mind.

May you come to know He

Who created you fearfully and wonderfully.

Lay down your anger, your pride.

With a contrite heart, forgive yourself.

For He has forgiven you, in spite of it all.

If you need help, just call His name.

He never sleeps; he never slumbers.

He’s been waiting for you,

knocking at your door.

Don’t ignore; don’t hesitate.

Today,  uncertainty and fear pass away.

Life eternal is in your grasp

Once you take hold,

He’ll never let go.


I sit on my living room couch,

looking out of my over-sized picture-window.

The soft breeze flows through tree branches.

Green leaves float as if on fresh, rolling water.

The clouds are a field of cotton plants, newly grown.

Light blue sky fills the horizon.

I can sense the warmth of the sun,

As its rays reflect the colors of summer.

I contemplate the words of this poem–

How they come together like

The forces of nature, all in harmony.

The lines are calm and serene,

Just like the scene through my picture-window.

If only it could stay this way.

Too soon, quick gusts of wind

And cumulus clouds begin to form,

Bringing lightning, thunder with vengeance.

See how the words extrapolate–

Short and rhythmic sounds

Build their own equivocal time.

Life, nature, words–all intertwined.

Ode to Love

True Love may come once in a lifetime.

Sometimes it comes in disguise,

unawares and quietly.

Sometimes it is bold and loud,

surprisingly and delightfully.

Sometimes love is fleeting,

unstoppable and unrecognizable.

The Heart must be awakened and welcoming.

Perhaps, true Love will find you again.

A Lesson on Trust

Dear heart-broken one, listen close

To a lesson

I’m still trying to grasp close

Some may say I’m a fool to say as such

But heart-broken one

I must be honest with you

And with myself as much

I believe within my heart

A strong foundation is the key

To know the Love of our Lord, and the Father God

To feel Loved and secure indeed

If you stumble, if you fall

Just remember, you’re never alone

He is with you, wherever you go

Now heart-broken one

The trust between man and woman

Is a challenge I must admit

Be honest with yourself

And with him–always, if you do commit

There may be pain, you may even cry

But, he will respect you, and you will

Respect yourself in kind

Remember, heart-broken one

Always be true to thineself first

Trust the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul

And remember, with Him you have gained

The peace and tranquility of life, sustained by Love

Use these tools between you and your love

To live a life full of joy as one

Agape Love

Love requires intimacy; this I know.

Hurts foregone created a fortress of fear, consuming my heart.

Subdued longing desires another soul to gently, patiently

break through the walls.

God did not intend for me to be alone.

He brings healing as I fervently seek Him.

In His time and will, my husband will come to me,

as two meet to become one.

God has prepared us for each other–

husband and wife loving fearlessly and unconditionally,

he as Christ loves the church,

she with respect while doing well.

Agape Love is how it was meant to be.

Her Little Girl–Part 1

Tears cascade down my face.

My mother’s death still brings sorrow.

Remembering the night she died,

All that remained was a cold, hard shell.

Mom has gone ahead too soon.

No more shopping sprees and lunches at noon.

We just were beginning to embrace.

Father and daughter had a falling out.

So, he’s nowhere to be found.

As a child, I don’t remember

The usual affection a mother shows her child,

No hugs and kisses, no I love you’s.

But, it wasn’t a completely dysfunctional life.

With frequent trips to the library,

Hand in hand, we walked through

The sparsely wooded area on a warm and dark, starry night.

We had to escape my father’s cruel banter.

Schizophrenia overtook his mind like a rabid raccoon.

I became well acquainted with Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss.

As little girls do, I also dreamed of finding my Prince,

To one day escape my world of fragile glass,

That fears the casting of stones.

By attending Church, mother instilled a great Faith.

Train up a child in the way that he should go;

and when he gets older, he will not depart from it

So, the Good Book goes.

These gifts mother bestowed upon her daughter,

made me strong and wise, if I had to journey alone.

But, the walk alone is so difficult and painful to bear,

Without anyone to give me sound advice.

So, everything must be learned the hard way–

Trial and error, ups and downs, failure and success.

With unknown courage, somewhere deep inside,

Her grown little girl faces the challenge.

My Faith will send me where I belong.

The Walk Within

Joyous renew, Spring

As life’s opportunity

Rain taps my window

Nature’s cycle begins with a seed–a seed of a tree, a seed of a flower, an embryo.  We are born, and we die.  In between, we learn and grow.  I imagine life filled with the beauty of a garden.  Flowers blanket the garden with shades of bountiful color.  Their sweet fragrance replenish me.  A warm breeze bends the blades of tall grass.  In the midst of the garden, there lies a bridge over a water-lily pond, reminiscent of Monet’s Impressionistic art.  It calls to me, beckoning for a fresh, new start.  I ponder, will I cross over?  What will I find on the other side?  I see goldfish effortlessly swimming in the pond, with the sun’s spectrum reflecting off their iridescent scales.  What is it that they know to swim so?


When you look into your love’s eyes

What do you see?

Do you see the brown on the bark of a tree

The brown of rich soil

or the bright caramel as the sun

Comes up over the horizon

When you look into your love’s eyes

What do you see?

Do you see the deep blue of the ocean

The light blue of the Heavens

Or do you see the universe

At his beck and command

When you look into your love’s eyes

What do you see?

Do you see love, security, forever

I know I’ll see the world as it will be

When I look into my love’s Eyes