A Lesson on Trust

Dear heart-broken one, listen close

To a lesson

I’m still trying to grasp close

Some may say I’m a fool to say as such

But heart-broken one

I must be honest with you

And with myself as much

I believe within my heart

A strong foundation is the key

To know the Love of our Lord, and the Father God

To feel Loved and secure indeed

If you stumble, if you fall

Just remember, you’re never alone

He is with you, wherever you go

Now heart-broken one

The trust between man and woman

Is a challenge I must admit

Be honest with yourself

And with him–always, if you do commit

There may be pain, you may even cry

But, he will respect you, and you will

Respect yourself in kind

Remember, heart-broken one

Always be true to thineself first

Trust the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul

And remember, with Him you have gained

The peace and tranquility of life, sustained by Love

Use these tools between you and your love

To live a life full of joy as one

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