I sit on my living room couch,

looking out of my over-sized picture-window.

The soft breeze flows through tree branches.

Green leaves float as if on fresh, rolling water.

The clouds are a field of cotton plants, newly grown.

Light blue sky fills the horizon.

I can sense the warmth of the sun,

As its rays reflect the colors of summer.

I contemplate the words of this poem–

How they come together like

The forces of nature, all in harmony.

The lines are calm and serene,

Just like the scene through my picture-window.

If only it could stay this way.

Too soon, quick gusts of wind

And cumulus clouds begin to form,

Bringing lightning, thunder with vengeance.

See how the words extrapolate–

Short and rhythmic sounds

Build their own equivocal time.

Life, nature, words–all intertwined.

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