Two Miles to Life

As I sit in my new car

waiting in the congested streets,

I listen to Smokie Norfal’s “I Understand.”

One more step…I’m preparing you

for Myself.  I’m getting you ready…

I ponder over my life to the time

when I had to walk to work—

I walked every day to my first job.

Little did I know, those two miles

were the walk of my life.

With fortitude and perseverance,

my foundation for the future was set

to endure the journey that I must.

When I was tired, I walked.

When I was sick, I walked.

I even walked through the rain, the snow.

You see, the challenge was in the walk.

I walked through suburban Cinnaminson,

a true model of the Garden State.

Trees line the street where beautiful

houses with manicured lawns

and fragrant, colorful flowers abide.

How fortunate for me, little traffic

runs through and neighbors are polite.

The parents have gone to work

and the children off to school.

Everyone has obligations

and a life to fulfill.

How valuable is perseverance?

I say, more valuable than a diamond ring

in platinum set, all because of an adolescent’s

first job.  It gave me a love for life, a will to survive,

which is a must to exceed one tenth of a mile.

To be prepared for life is a necessity.

But, to go on alone feels like a job in itself.

How can one so young be able to take

on such adversities?

Can the sting of death compare to life?

Ever day is a struggle to survive.

I ask God how to persevere.

He says to remember the lesson of the job

and the gain of experience in those miles,

which made your destiny straight.

The lesson was in discipline,

commitment, responsibility,

and diversity which develops

character and a well-grounded person.

I wonder if my way wasn’t predestined.

How well I know the tragedies of life–

The journey traveled never reached a mile.

And, one chooses not to survive.

Then, my existence would have never flourished–

no life, no struggle, no perseverance.

I am thankful for those two miles to life.


He Will Provide

If you know Him

He’s a miracle worker

If you know Him

He’s a way maker

He’s a strong tower

He’s the Guiding Light that shines so bright

When I was sick in my body, and couldn’t get well

His cool breath breathed on me

Praise God!  It was my remedy

Because He is the Great Physician

When my thoughts were confusing

And my heart weary

He cleared my mind

And calmed the storm within

Because He is the Captain of my ship

When I was homeless and friendless

He sent a friend to protect me

I was led to a place of security

There was food to eat, clothes to wear

And a place to lay my head

Because He is Jehovah Jireh (My Provider)

He’s worth knowing

For He’s a miracle worker

And a way maker

Because He is

The Great I Am

The Cross I Bear

As I sit in the sanctuary of the church

on a Sunday afternoon, on a comfortable pew,

the congregation sings and claps in joyous praise.

My pastor begins his meaningful message.

I look up at the empty, wooden cross.

I am reminded that my Savior has risen.

I reflect on the sacrifice He made.

As my pastor suggests, I ask myself a question–

Can I bear the cross He did?

Will I be strong and humble in faith

while persecution buries me

in a tomb of pain and ridicule?

Can I walk that road to Golgatha

with the weight of the world

upon my shoulders?

Will there be a helping hand

for me when I stumble and fall?

Will my thirst be satisfied

with the hatred of vinegar?

Will I cry out in fear, and deny the Father

when the sting of death is near?

I pray the Lord to strengthen me.

I’ve already made my choice.

I will suffer all because

He suffered for me.

And, I will heed when He says,

“Take up your cross and follow Me.”

This Heart of Mine

Thank you Father for this Heart of mine

And to raise my voice to You so High

To sing a song of Love and Praise

You taught me to Love in a Special Way

As an example for the world to see

To touch the hearts of those in need

For You are Who we all need

To hear you say, “child of Mine”

And to behold one day and see

To be risen to Heaven high

Give thanks in joyous Praise

Because You are the only Way

It is not an easy way

To deny the fleshy need

And to accept Your Will in Praise

For my will is not of mine

But to place Yours above–high

Now, no longer blind, but can see–

Open my eyes to see

That Straight is Your Way

And the road not necessarily high

To be in the valley–a good need

To be tested and tried is a good, “child of Mine”

In the end, belongs to Him all Glory, Honor, and Praise

Hallelujah is the highest praise

For that Glorious Day to see

The face of this Savior of mine

Who came to me along the way

Of life’s journey, filled with need

His expectation isn’t high–

For His yoke is set high

And light for His Glorification and Praise

To fulfill a righteousness need

To know why I exist–this I needed to see

For He is the only Way

To have fulfilled this soul of mine

So, thank You Father so High, for this Heart of mine

And giving me the need to see

I give Praise for showing me The Way


When bills are high

and money is low,

you may lose your car, your home.

Now, a shelter is where

you lay your head.

Sleeping on an uncomfortable cot,

the body so tired, it’s hardly noticed.

Snoring of other women

fills the overcrowded room,

wishing for a moment of privacy.

Hoping to rise early enough

to be the first in line

for a warm shower.

Wearing donating clothing–

lost so much weight,

everything worn looks appealing.

Walking the unforgiving streets

in search of a solution.

You can’t see it.

You can’t touch it.

But surely, you can perceive it.

That quiet voice that speaks to you–

“Everything’s going to be alright.”

It is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things not seen.


Oh my God, not another episode!

Lack of sleep

Lack of food

Racing thoughts

Abilify, Celexa

To manage all

My dementia

Hidden messages

In the TV

Strange voices

From within

Did you take your medicine?

Not today

I’ll be okay

False belief



Oh my God, not another episode!

Haven’t you learned

Your lesson yet

This illness never rests

No Condemnation

Sometimes our actions bring feelings

of shame and guilt upon us,

when committed against God or neighbor.

Our created conscience so befits such.

A sorrowful heart leads to deliverance and healing.

Let the ruler of your heart and mind

move you to repentance.

Pray for forgiveness, to Him Who sees all.

And, His promises He will remind:

Remember, there is therefore now no

condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.

” I even, I, am He Who blots out your transgressions,

for My own sake, and remember your sins no more.”

Let not the enemy bring what has passed

to your stream of consciousness once again.

For, God has forgiven.

Then, return to him who was offended

and turn the offense right.

The Lord will smile and continue

to shine His grace upon you.

Kindred Searching

Like sugar,

his words of encouragement

add sweetness to the flow of consciousness,

as I also search the depths of my soul.

Perhaps, kindred spirits we are,

searching for answers or guidance

in this wide universe–No.

The search is futile.

The answers already known.

We contemplate; we question, and we suggest

just to avoid the obvious.

We may not like or accept it.

But, we must embrace it,

to fulfill the longing

of a thirsty heart and soul.

Watch and Understand

The seasons come and go

as the life cycle turns

with the hands of time,

on that finite clock of ever told.

Spring–rebirth and renewal

Summer–warmth and wonder

Autumn–change and time of harvest

Winter–death in the form of transition

All things succumb to the same level.

Frigid weather of cold, snow, and ice

secludes man and beast.

No more accumulation, no more hunting,

while the earth is consumed in silence.

Was it always to be so–

this decreasing light of the summer solstice?

We have lived too long with ambivalence.

The clock is winding rapidly,

and the seasons intermingling.

Is our time here infinite?

Watch and understand.

Use your time wisely.