Watch and Understand

The seasons come and go

as the life cycle turns

with the hands of time,

on that finite clock of ever told.

Spring–rebirth and renewal

Summer–warmth and wonder

Autumn–change and time of harvest

Winter–death in the form of transition

All things succumb to the same level.

Frigid weather of cold, snow, and ice

secludes man and beast.

No more accumulation, no more hunting,

while the earth is consumed in silence.

Was it always to be so–

this decreasing light of the summer solstice?

We have lived too long with ambivalence.

The clock is winding rapidly,

and the seasons intermingling.

Is our time here infinite?

Watch and understand.

Use your time wisely.


  1. platosgroove · March 5, 2015

    Very nice!


  2. calensariel · March 6, 2015

    This is beautiful, not to mention so true! I really loved the line “on that finite clock of ever told.” Ever Told would make a great title for a book. Do you have that story in you? Love it!


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