This Heart of Mine

Thank you Father for this Heart of mine

And to raise my voice to You so High

To sing a song of Love and Praise

You taught me to Love in a Special Way

As an example for the world to see

To touch the hearts of those in need

For You are Who we all need

To hear you say, “child of Mine”

And to behold one day and see

To be risen to Heaven high

Give thanks in joyous Praise

Because You are the only Way

It is not an easy way

To deny the fleshy need

And to accept Your Will in Praise

For my will is not of mine

But to place Yours above–high

Now, no longer blind, but can see–

Open my eyes to see

That Straight is Your Way

And the road not necessarily high

To be in the valley–a good need

To be tested and tried is a good, “child of Mine”

In the end, belongs to Him all Glory, Honor, and Praise

Hallelujah is the highest praise

For that Glorious Day to see

The face of this Savior of mine

Who came to me along the way

Of life’s journey, filled with need

His expectation isn’t high–

For His yoke is set high

And light for His Glorification and Praise

To fulfill a righteousness need

To know why I exist–this I needed to see

For He is the only Way

To have fulfilled this soul of mine

So, thank You Father so High, for this Heart of mine

And giving me the need to see

I give Praise for showing me The Way

One comment

  1. calensariel · March 25, 2015

    Just beautiful and inspiring as always.


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