The Cross I Bear

As I sit in the sanctuary of the church

on a Sunday afternoon, on a comfortable pew,

the congregation sings and claps in joyous praise.

My pastor begins his meaningful message.

I look up at the empty, wooden cross.

I am reminded that my Savior has risen.

I reflect on the sacrifice He made.

As my pastor suggests, I ask myself a question–

Can I bear the cross He did?

Will I be strong and humble in faith

while persecution buries me

in a tomb of pain and ridicule?

Can I walk that road to Golgatha

with the weight of the world

upon my shoulders?

Will there be a helping hand

for me when I stumble and fall?

Will my thirst be satisfied

with the hatred of vinegar?

Will I cry out in fear, and deny the Father

when the sting of death is near?

I pray the Lord to strengthen me.

I’ve already made my choice.

I will suffer all because

He suffered for me.

And, I will heed when He says,

“Take up your cross and follow Me.”

One comment

  1. calensariel · March 29, 2015

    What a beautifully strong faith you have. That is an awesome testimony.


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