Two Miles to Life

As I sit in my new car

waiting in the congested streets,

I listen to Smokie Norfal’s “I Understand.”

One more step…I’m preparing you

for Myself.  I’m getting you ready…

I ponder over my life to the time

when I had to walk to work—

I walked every day to my first job.

Little did I know, those two miles

were the walk of my life.

With fortitude and perseverance,

my foundation for the future was set

to endure the journey that I must.

When I was tired, I walked.

When I was sick, I walked.

I even walked through the rain, the snow.

You see, the challenge was in the walk.

I walked through suburban Cinnaminson,

a true model of the Garden State.

Trees line the street where beautiful

houses with manicured lawns

and fragrant, colorful flowers abide.

How fortunate for me, little traffic

runs through and neighbors are polite.

The parents have gone to work

and the children off to school.

Everyone has obligations

and a life to fulfill.

How valuable is perseverance?

I say, more valuable than a diamond ring

in platinum set, all because of an adolescent’s

first job.  It gave me a love for life, a will to survive,

which is a must to exceed one tenth of a mile.

To be prepared for life is a necessity.

But, to go on alone feels like a job in itself.

How can one so young be able to take

on such adversities?

Can the sting of death compare to life?

Ever day is a struggle to survive.

I ask God how to persevere.

He says to remember the lesson of the job

and the gain of experience in those miles,

which made your destiny straight.

The lesson was in discipline,

commitment, responsibility,

and diversity which develops

character and a well-grounded person.

I wonder if my way wasn’t predestined.

How well I know the tragedies of life–

The journey traveled never reached a mile.

And, one chooses not to survive.

Then, my existence would have never flourished–

no life, no struggle, no perseverance.

I am thankful for those two miles to life.

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