A Prayer for Hannah

Lord, send Your peace down

To heal her helpless thoughts of mind

Quicken her spirit so she knows

Indwelling joy, and Your Love is kind

Give her the desire to live life to the fullest,

Seeking Your face and Your Will, to her delight

Bless her abundantly, her cup running over

While she gives You all the Praise, Glory, and Honor


I Will Bless the Lord

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul

And all that is within me

Bless His Holy Name

For the Lord has delivered me

From a confused mind

And a sad countenance

He has blessed me with

A great intelligence and

An empathetic heart

With His Strength

I am able to do all things

He has enabled me to do

His Will for my life and

For His Glory

And we know all things

Work together for good

To them that love God,

To them who are called

According to His purpose


In my prayers, I ask the Lord if He is with me.

He answers, “I am with you always.”

I know, even to the end of days.

I ask if I belong to Him.

He answers, “You are My child.”

I have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.

The questions and answers reaffirm my faith,

pushing all fear aside.

I boldly proclaim my faith in Jesus, the Christ.

He died for me, so that I may live.

My name written in the lamb’s book of life.

Today, I sit in Heavenly places.

I’ve been reconciled.

God be glorified.

Hearken to My Heart

Hearken to my heart, Lord

Heal the hurts of yesterday and

reveal that which is hidden,

to prepare the way that I must go.

For, Your Will must manifest in my life:

to help Your people understand

Your Will for their lives;

to bring clarity to confusion;

tranquility to trials and tribulations;

so, joy rules in their hearts.

The fiery trial of faith will transform

us into pure gold,

that we may be presented faultless

before You on that Glorious Day.

We will give You the highest praise–

Hallelujah! for all eternity.

Your Glory will reign forever more.

Take Me to the Water

What a joyous Sunday it is

I enter with thanksgiving and praise

The foyer is filled with members,

Two thousand or so

They move about with unshakable character

The Glory of God shines about each one,

As if crowned and cloaked in gold

With smiling faces and smiling hearts–

Greetings abound with hugs

And kisses, shaking of hands–

Love overflowing

Continuing to the sanctuary,

Acappella voices rise

In melodic harmony–

Take me to the water…

While disciples stand in queue,

Women, men, children,

Both young and old

I sit on a cushioned pew–

Soft, and light as if ascending in air to Heaven

Waiting and smiling

I know that I’ve made the right decision

To follow Him Who is True

For the rest of my days

As my time approaches,

One of the deaconesses

Kisses me on the cheek

It feels good to have a Church home

I received help to get

Me through a rough economic time

Suffering from co-dependency,

Counseling was a righteous gift

The cross, the pool both placed

Behind the altar–

A serious decision of dedication

To contemplate

My friend close by,

With her camera in hand,

Ready to record what I’ll

Always want to remember

So, take me to the water…

Where it is warm and rejuvenating

Yet, troubled with the Holy Spirit,

Quickening my humbled soul

With my feet planted securely

On the pool floor,

There is a calming silence in the sanctuary

As my name and passage

Are proclaimed

As the minister embraces me, in God’s Love

I close my eyes and thank the Lord

I go down dead in sin

And come up with my iniquities forgiven