His Mercy Endureth Forever

My trials and tribulations are a test of my faith.

I am not perfect.

Sometimes I fail.

I am ashamed and filled with worry.

I pray for forgiveness.

He looks at His Son,

Who has paid the price.

He remembers my sin, not.

In all my fears and doubt,

His mercy endures forever more.


Be of Good Courage

Do not be afraid in doing well.

For, God sees and will reward.

Fear is crippling.

It is false evidence appearing real.

Worry not about the death of the flesh.

To dust it shall return anyway.

Reverence the Lord.

He can cast the soul away.

But, be of good courage.

Christ has conquered the world.

My Birthday Praise

To see another year–a blessing indeed

God has given me an opportunity,

to right the wrongs of days forgone.

A chance to fulfill His will,

I can proclaim His name with joyous praise,

to those who do not know His loving grace.

He has given another day, to see the sun shine;

to love unconditionally; treat others respectfully;

heal the brokenhearted; soothe a troubled soul.

Committed to the Great Commission,

I spread the Good News of Jesus Christ,

and all that He has done for me–

He can do for you.