Lord, Deliver Me

Lord, I do fear the unknown–the journey I must travel.

The easier route–tempting indeed.

Abraham went trusting you,

not knowing where he was to go.

He was blessed many times over.

Let me be like my forefather.

Increase my faith and

deliver your daughter from temptation,

so that I may see the day Your glory reigns.


Glorify His Name

Thrice I have been close to the final sleep.

With a single tear rolling down my face,

I proclaimed Jesus, the Christ.

It was a cry of submission, a cry of hope.

He heard my petition.

Each time, His answer was deliverance.

I lived another day, to fulfill His will.

My eyes are open to the glory of His ways.

He favors me every day;

though, I feel I am not worthy.

In the quietness of my thoughts,

He walks with me; He talks with me.

I can do nothing but glorify His holy name.