Help Me, Guide Me

Tears roll down my cheek

Seeking God’s Glory

My soul prays in His House

Desiring the indwelling

Of the Holy Spirit

Most believe merit will suffice

No, not quite

Money, material

A foolish man’s delight

Relationship and trust

Is a must

To fulfill the Lord’s will

For my life

And reside with Him

In glorious Paradise


Lord, Deliver Me

Lord, I do fear the unknown–the journey I must travel.

The easier route–tempting indeed.

Abraham went trusting you,

not knowing where he was to go.

He was blessed many times over.

Let me be like my forefather.

Increase my faith and

deliver your daughter from temptation,

so that I may see the day Your glory reigns.

Glorify His Name

Thrice I have been close to the final sleep.

With a single tear rolling down my face,

I proclaimed Jesus, the Christ.

It was a cry of submission, a cry of hope.

He heard my petition.

Each time, His answer was deliverance.

I lived another day, to fulfill His will.

My eyes are open to the glory of His ways.

He favors me every day;

though, I feel I am not worthy.

In the quietness of my thoughts,

He walks with me; He talks with me.

I can do nothing but glorify His holy name.

Be of Good Courage

Do not be afraid in doing well.

For, God sees and will reward.

Fear is crippling.

It is false evidence appearing real.

Worry not about the death of the flesh.

To dust it shall return anyway.

Reverence the Lord.

He can cast the soul away.

But, be of good courage.

Christ has conquered the world.

My Birthday Praise

To see another year–a blessing indeed

God has given me an opportunity,

to right the wrongs of days forgone.

A chance to fulfill His will,

I can proclaim His name with joyous praise,

to those who do not know His loving grace.

He has given another day, to see the sun shine;

to love unconditionally; treat others respectfully;

heal the brokenhearted; soothe a troubled soul.

Committed to the Great Commission,

I spread the Good News of Jesus Christ,

and all that He has done for me–

He can do for you.

The Peace that Passes All Understanding

Peace of mind comes from accepting that which is,

not dwelling on what will be.

Trust in the Lord.

He is your deliverer.

He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

Sing songs of praise.

He is in the midst.

Pray for His Kingdom come;

His will be done.

As you lay down to sleep,

ask the Lord your soul to keep.

A peace that passes all understanding

will dwell within.

Words of Encouragement

Oh hear, God’s people


God is in control.

He is with you, through trials, tribulations, and persecution.

Fear not–

For, all must come to past.

So, He can be glorified.


Those who believe, Salvation is yours.

Your deliverance is nigh.

Be Patient–

In the twinkling of an eye, we all shall be changed.

We shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

This Gift in My Heart

How can I fulfill what I hold close–

to be true to thineself first?

I must hold on to His promises–

His plans for good and not evil.

If I diligently seek Him,

He gives me the desires of my heart.

He hears my cry.

He feels the longing in my tears.

How do I seek Him and praise Him

when my hands are tied?

I learn of Him in His word.

Shall that suffice?

No church home to call my own,

to serve and grow

This also is the emptiness that mourns my soul.

The expression of words heals the ache of despair.

I proudly declare–Thank you, Lord for

bestowing this gift in my heart.